Thursday, April 23, 2009

A WOW! of a Flash Fiction Contest Judged by Wendy Sherman

Today's forecast for St. Peters: High 80 degrees. Lovely weather for Cari's field trip with her class to the Cathedral Basilica and the Science Center in St. Louis.

Each quarter, WOW! (Women on Writing) hosts a writing contest to inspire creativity and recognize good writing. Some special features about their contests are the wonderful prizes and the calibre of their guest judges. The guest judge for WOW! Spring Flash Fiction Contest is literary agent Wendy Sherman of the Wendy Sherman Literary Agency.

Last spring my story "Ida's Rocking Chair" was among the top ten. For being in the top ten, my story was published on their website, I received a one-year subscription to their premium newsletter, was interviewed on their website, and received a WOW! goodie bag that my mail deliverer probably got a backache from carrying to my doorstep.

More good news: Recently Dianna Graveman, a writing friend, got notification that she is in the top ten for the winter contest. Way to go, Dianna!

The deadline for the spring contest is midnight, May 31, or when they receive 300 entries. Visit their website for complete details, including word count, prize amounts, and entry fee.

I'm working on something to submit this quarter because I don't want my free membership to run out--plus I would love to have an like agent Wendy Sherman read one of my stories.

How about you?


  1. Hey, Donna! Thanks for the mention! And congrats on being in the top ten last spring. I do also have to thank and congratulate my writing critique partner, Camille Subramaniam. Her suggestions helped me win honors with both this story and the winning entry in the Saturday Writers (Missouri Writers Guild) flash fiction contest. Next time, it will be your turn, Camille! In the meantime, consider a career as an editor. You evidently have what it takes! ;D

  2. Hi Dianna and Camille,
    Sounds like you both have what it takes!


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