Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poetry and Prizes

Today's forecast for St. Peters, MO: Mostly sunny, high 61 degrees, chance of showers this evening.

In his much quoted poem, The Wasteland, St. Louis poet T. S. Eliot, wrote: "APRIL is the cruellest month . . ."

I think one of my blog visitors might disagree because April is starting off as a good month for her.

The randomly selected winner of a copy of St. Charles: Les Petites Cotes by Dianna and Don Graveman is . . . Camille Subramaniam.

Congratulations, Camille! I hope you enjoy the Gravemans' book as much as I have. Please e-mail me at dvolkenannt @ (delete spaces) to make arrangements to get your book. And thanks to everyone who visited my blog last week and asked questions or posted comments about the Gravemans' new book.

On the subject of the month of April, today is April Fool's Day. So, in the spirit of fun, I would like to know about April Fool's pranks. Anyone care to share their favorites?


  1. When my kids were in school (mostly elementary, but middle school, too) I would run into their rooms on April Fool's Day yelling, "We're late! The bus'll be here in FIVE minutes!" They'd run around like chickens with their heads cut off till they realized it was April's Fool. And then they'd cry.

    I'm a bad mom :-)

  2. Hey Cathy,
    That's a good one.!
    Here's one I pulled on my kiddos one April Fool's morning many years ago. "Hey guys, you won't believe it. It snowed last night and they just announced on TV that school is closed today!"
    After the kids jumped out of their beds and ran to the windows, I yelled, "April Fool!." They were not amused, but it did get them out of bed awfully fast.

    And that trick worked much better than the April Fool's Day I told them that there was an elephant in our front yard.

    Here's a joke my ten-year-old grandson Michael has pulled on me more than once. He points to the couch or sofa or car seat and says, "Hey, Oma, look under there!"
    After I ask, "Under where?"
    He laughs and says, "I made you say underwear."
    Enjoy your day!


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