Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mysteries of the Ozarks and Welcome

Last week I posted a brief review of Mysteries of the Ozarks (Vol III) on my A Book A Week blog.

If you like reading about the Ozarks, local history, or mysteries, check out the anthology, which is newly released from High Hill Press. Volume III is full of lovely stories, and the cover is amazing.

I have a story in Volume I and another one that will be included in Volume IV, which will be published later this year. Check out my review of Mysteries of the Ozarks Volume III if you get a chance.

Also, I would like to welcome my newest follower to Donna's Book Pub.

Welcome Tiger85. Thank you for being a follower, and I hope you visit often!


  1. It sounds like a wonderful collection of stories. Congratulations on having stories in two of the anthologies.

  2. Just a note for prospective authors: as a board member of OWInc., I know that Vol IV is full up to top. Hopefully, in a year or two we might consider a Vol V also. Main requirement is that the author has strong ties to the Ozarks and that the stories has to do with the Ozarks. Check out our website and keep the possibility in mind, guys!

  3. Thanks, Betty.
    And let me add, because of grant money the board members have lined up for the Mysteries of the Ozarks anthologies, the payment to contributors is very generous!
    Keep an eye out. In the future I will post submission guidelines for Volume V.
    Donna V.


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