Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last Call - Whispering Prairie Press Contest

Yesterday at critique group, Debbie, one of our newer members, read a lovely and emotionally charged piece that moved most of us at the table to tears. Well, me for sure. After giving my critique I encouraged Debbie to enter it in the Whispering Prairie Press contest.

I posted about the contest earlier, but if you're like me you wait till the last minute. And with Donna's Book Pub being a pub and all, I thought I would issue a "Last Call."

If you have an essay, a poem, or a flash fiction piece ready or almost ready, Whispering Prairie Press has a contest for you!

And there's still time to enter --- but not much! The deadline is June 30.

Contest categories are:

Poetry: any style, any subject. Limit: 36 lines.
Flash Fiction: 1,000 words or less
Personal Essay: 1,000 words or less

Entry fee: $5 each or 3 for $10 (May mix categories)
Prizes: $100, $50, $25 (in each category)

Results will be announced by Aug 1.

For complete guidelines, visit the Kansas City Voices site.

P.S. The organization is also having a 2010 Creativity Conference for Writers in July. Details can be found on the Kansas City Voices site. Early Bird deadline for the conference is also June 30.

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  1. I'm taking the plunge on this one. I've written a flash fiction piece which I'm going to read at critique group tomorrow before sending in for the contest.


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