Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pitch Perfect

With the MWG conference this weekend, the topic of pitching to an agent came up at lunch after critique group last Tuesday. I mentioned that I had recently read some helpful posts about pitches on literary agent Nathan Bransford's blog and acquisitions editor Alan Rinzler's blog.

A critique buddy, Claudia, who will be at the conference this weekend, asked me to post links on my blog. So, here are the links:

Mr. Rinzler's March 29 post "Insider's Tips for Preparing and Delivering a Winning pitch," discusses preparing for the pitch and delivery. The main points that stick with me are: be short and convincing, talk about the book first and self second, practice, be polite, and listen.

Unfortunately, for some reason, the video of Nathan didn't show when I revisited his site, but if you read the comments in his April 1 post about "The Importance of the Pitch" you can get the gist of what he said.

Wishing you a "pitch perfect" weekend at the MWG conference, or wherever your path to publication takes you.


  1. Good luck to you, Claudia. I hope the pitch goes great!

  2. I need to work on keeping it short-I just can't seem to keep from going on...and on...and on. (Probably why they said "No, thanks" to me for jury duty this week!)

  3. Hi Cathy,
    Jury duty? This is too weird.
    I was supposed to report for jury duty a week ago Monday but the Friday before I got a call from someone in the clerk's office telling me not to report because they had too many jurors in the pool (I must've been in the shallow end).
    Anyway, I really thought it was because I went on and on when I filled out the pre-selection sheet.


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