Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday's Market - Liguorian Magazine

Today’s weather: It’s a glorious day in St. Peters. The forecast is for mostly sunny skies, high 79 degrees.

For some reason, Mondays motivate me. It’s a fresh start to a new week, and I find it’s a great time to research writing markets.

A writing friend from Liguorian Magazine recently e-mailed that they are looking for quality fiction submissions. Fiction should be approximately 2,000 words and appropriate for a Catholic audience. Copy and paste this link in your web browser to link to their website for payment rates and complete guidelines.

I’m working on a short story to submit to them by the end of the year, so it’s back to work for me.

If you stop by tomorrow, I’ll share my thoughts on a book I’ve recently read -- THE FIRE by Katherine Neville.


  1. Hi Donna,

    Glad I popped into the pub blog...when I saw Liguorian Magazine I had to stop for a closer look. I'll definitely check that market out!


  2. Hi Cath,
    Thanks for stopping by. My friend who is an editor there told me they're always looking for good short stories.


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