Wednesday, September 27, 2017

MWG Trivia Night: A Tisket, A Tasket, Coffee and Critique Donated Eight Baskets

In case you haven't heard, the Missouri Writers Guild is having a trivia night on Saturday, October 7th, at the First Congregational Church of St. Louis in Clayton, MO.

The details are on the flyer on the left. The writers in Coffee and Critique, the critique group I belong to, were informed of this by Marcia Gaye, our chapter's MWG rep.

Marcia mentioned the MWG was hoping to get each chapter to contribute a basket for the event's silent auction. Our small group of ten regularly attending writers was asked to donate items or cash to fill a basket.

With our writers group name of Coffee and Critique, we voted to go with a coffee and writing-related theme.

The response was outstanding. Our members donated enough items to fill not one or two or even three, but EIGHT baskets--almost one basket for each person in our group.

When I thanked Marcia for spearheading the MWG Trivia Night basket project, she responded with her usual humility, "It was a team effort."

She added that we had 100 percent participation. Marcia estimated the value of the eight baskets around $400!

Our generous contributors included: Sarah Angleton, Marcia Gaye, Jane Hamilton, Alice Muschany, Doug Osgood, Doyle Suit, Les Thompson, Donna Volkenannt, Pat Wahler, and Jack Zerr. A handful of our more talented members stayed after our meeting to assemble and decorate the baskets.

Les took photos of the baskets shown below. And I've been told Sarah did a marvelous job tying bows.

Donated items include a variety of coffees and teas, coffee mugs, two hand-made mug rugs, coffee-related items, tea cups and saucers, wine glasses, a bottle of imported German red wine, dark and milk chocolate (who doesn't love chocolate), scented candles, candle holders, several books written by our members, a copy of the Coffee and Critique anthology autographed by several contributors, journals, pens, office and writing-related items, baskets, ribbons, the Coffee and Critique brochure, and, DRUM ROLL, PLEASE:

TWO CERTIFICATES FOR DETAILED CRITIQUES (up to ten double-spaced pages) from our entire group.

Although I can't attend trivia night, I'll be there in spirit--and our critique group will be there in more than spirit--we will be represented by eight beautiful baskets.

If you attend MWG Trivia Night, please let me know how it went, and I hope you're high bidder on one of our baskets!


  1. We didn't so much have talent (except Sarah, who can tie a fabulous fluffy bow), but we definitely had enthusiasm. Rendezvous Cafe helped tremendously by allowing us to do assembly after our meeting. They are wonderful.


    1. Glad to hear we have a writer with a hidden talent, and you're absolutely right about the Rendezvous Café. The owners and staff are indeed wonderful!

  2. Your writer's group is very supportive. I wish I lived closer.

    1. Hi Linda,
      You are welcome any time! I'm looking forward to the library event next month.

  3. Your group's basket effort is impressive! And that's coming from a non-drinker of coffee, tea, and wine.

    1. Hi Val,
      Maybe we should add another beverage -- a soda with ice, perhaps?

    2. Val, There is a box of Apple Cider mix in there!

  4. Donna--I am quite impressed. I would have loved to see what kind of bow Doyle and Jack tied. ;)

  5. What a terrific idea! Wish I lived closer.


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