Monday, December 16, 2013

Main Street Books in St. Charles to Close in January

The Post Dispatch has reported that Main Street Books in St. Charles is going to close on January 31, unless a buyer steps forward.

Vicky Irwin, owner for the past seven years, has been a champion for local writers.

The news also reports that the store will have a "retirement sale" in January.

The store is open for business as usual through December. Gift certificates will expire Jan. 31.

Here's a link to the article.

I'm hoping someone with deep pockets and a passion for books will buy the book store to keep it open.


  1. Always sad when a good indie bookshop goes down. Hope somebody saves it!

  2. Sad news - Lou is trying to talk me into buying a Bookstore.


  3. Hi Sean,
    It really is sad.

    Hi Bryan,
    You should listen to Lou.

  4. I hate to hear that, Donna, that another bookstore is closing up. The smaller ones, especially, are special places to be and I hate that they are becoming fewer and fewer. I do hope someone is able to not only save the place, but find a way to make it thrive.

  5. Just came home from trip to check on family...found this and felt smacked! I can't get there often but liked to think it was there waiting on me for when I could!!!!

  6. Donna--I heard the news on Saturday (I braved the snow and went). It IS sad, but I can understand Vicky's need to have "a life" and enjoy her grandbaby more frequently.

    Hopefully someone will step up...


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