Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On 12/12/12, Good News Comes in Threes

Among the many words of wisdom I remember my mom saying is, "Good news comes in threes." She also was quick to remind that "bad news comes in threes, too."

Mom's good-news-comes-in-three saying won out today. Maybe it's because of the 12/12/12, triple 12 date. Or maybe not.

At any rate, after my bad-news start of the week, which I won't go in to here, I was ready for some good news.

Everything about my three-part good news is Christmas related, which helped put me in the holiday mood. Please excuse this shameless self-congratulation.

Good news #1: A reprint of my Christmas short story "Canned Beets" will be included in the Saturday Writers 10th Anniversary Edition, Cuivre River Anthology VI. The original version of "Canned Beets," which received Honorable Mention in the Steinbeck National Short Story competition, was previously published in CRA II and the Mid Rivers Review. I share this good news with more than 40 other writers, whose award-winning stories, essays, and poems also appear in the anthology. Almost all contributors are members of Saturday Writers, and many of them belong to Coffee and Critique. The final version is hot off the press today, but you might have to wait a few days if you want to order a copy.

Good news #2: My short story "Time to Get Your Jingle On" appears in the Kindle version of Fifty Shades of Santa, which is available today from Amazon. The anthology from Welkin Press is a collection of "12 Nice (Not Naughty) Humorous Holiday Romances."  I share this good news with writing friends -- Marcia Gaye, Pat Wahler, Pat Smith (the editor), Lou Turner, Lynn Obermoeller, and Regina Williams -- and several other writers I hope to meet. The print version will be available in a week or so. Isn't the cover cute?

Good news #3: My recipe for German Gluhwein (Donna's Hot Glow Wine) and the story behind the recipe are featured on the Panera Bread Company website this month. Actually, I received the news that the recipe was posted yesterday afternoon, but for some reason my home town was shown as somewhere in North Carolina. After a quick e-mail to the editor, a fix was made and my correct home town appeared there this morning.

So, that's my good news for 12/12/12.

Congratulations to all the other writers whose works are included in the anthologies mentioned above.

I think it's time to make a batch of German Gluhwein to celebrate.

Prosit! (That's German for Cheers!)


  1. What a great blog post to read! So exciting! I have the CR books on order and can hardly wait. 50 Shades of Santa...great, I will go order now..both you and Lynn will be good to read!Thanks for tip to Panera! You are having a great day...may it continue!!!!

  2. Wonderful news, Donna! Congratulations on it all! :)

  3. Wow, how cool is that?? Being published on Panera's website!! Do they also know that you're the Erma Bombeck winner this year? They would probably like to mention that!

  4. Hi Claudia,

    Thanks! Hope your day is great as well. You are in CRA VI, yes? If memory serves I thought your name was read one month as a contest winner. Hope so!

    Hi Madeline,
    Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm excited!

    Hi Becky,
    It is very cool. Not sure if they know about the Erma win; I don't remember if it was in the bio I sent them.


  5. Congrats, Donna. Nothing more fun than a trio of tremendous tidings!

    Critter Alley

    P.S. That wine/rum drink sounds totally scrumptious!

  6. I'm feeling a bit parched right now. I might need to rehydrate. Maybe I'll head over to the Panera site and get that recipe... ;)

    Donna--congratulations on the publications. You're going to need another belt, you have so many notches on the current one.

  7. Hi Pat,
    Thanks. The wine drink really is tasty.

    Hi Sioux,
    You are so kind. You're right about needing notches on my belt, but it's from eating so many Christmas cookies and other treats. ;-0

  8. Yay-Yay-Yay! I know how happy you must be.

  9. Congratulations Donna! I'm so honored to be in Fifty Shades of Santa with you! Now I'm going to check out the Panera site!

  10. Congrats, congrats, congrats! I'm sure another batch of three is compiling itself as I type.

  11. Congratulations! I never thought of Panera's website as a potential market. Just goes to show that resourceful writers reap the rewards!

  12. Sorry you had BAD NEWS--but the good news is great. You are a publishing machine and a busy grandma, too. I will check out your Panera Bread site. HOW EXCITING!

  13. Congratulations, that is great news! And, I agree with your mom, good news. . .and bad news comes in threes. If our mom told us, then you know it is true - right?

  14. Wow, Donna! Fantastic. Congrats on all of your publishing successes.

  15. Hi Linda, Lynn, Sean, Margo, Janet, and Karen,
    Thanks for your kind words of support!


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