Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Friend Alice and Chicken Soup for the Soul

Yesterday at critique group, my writing friend Alice Muschany gave me a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grandmothers, which will be released next month. Alice has three true stories in the Chicken Soup Grandmothers issue.

Her inscription at the front of the book brought tears to my eyes. Despite many hardships she has suffered, she is a generous, thoughtful, and funny woman--full of life and joy.

She is a wonderful writer who manages to touch your heart while putting a smile on your face. Even the guys in our group love Alice's stories--and they are tough critics.

Yesterday she also gave me a print copy of call-outs for possible CS book titles, and she read a humorous true story about her Vegas wedding for the CS Brides and Weddings call-out. With all these submission opportunities, I thought surely my blog visitors have stories to submit.

So, if you're looking for a market for your true stories, the editors at Chicken Soup have several call-outs. Here are a few with deadlines coming up soon:

* Devotional Stories in Times of Troubles - Feb 28 (a 500-words limit--but hurry, hurry)

* Canada - Feb 28 (another quick deadline for our neighbors up North)

* Brides and Weddings - Apr 30

Check out the Chicken Soup for the Soul website for submission guidelines and additional possible book titles.

Congratulations--and thank you--Alice!


  1. Congratulations to your friend! I've got a story I'm going to submit to the Marriage and Married Life call out.

  2. Hey Janet,
    Good luck with your story!

  3. Congratulations to Alice! Three stories is really impressive! :)

  4. Donna, thanks for the top billing & generous compliments. I'm blushing. The best part of getting in Chicken Soup For Grandmothers is my grandkids' reaction. I met the 2nd grader for lunch today & he introduced me to his buddies as my Grandma, the writer. The 8th grader is in Honor's English & after reading my stories (one about him) he is writing a story for Chicken Soup. My one granddaughter took a book to her teacher & told her I also write for the New York Times (Suburban Journal Opinion Shaper). I'm proud that they're proud. Thanks to all.

  5. Hi Tammy and Linda,
    It is amazing!

    Hi Alice,
    That's so great about your grandkids. I bet your 8th grade grandson is headed for writing stardom!


  6. I'm so glad that I, too, know Alice because she's everything you said...and more! You forgot to mention that she's got the "fastest red pen in the west!" AND, she also looks like the marvelous and beautiful Mariska Hargitay on Law & Order-SVU! Congrats again to Alice! I want to buy one of her autographed books, too!

  7. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention Alice's speedy red pen. If the City of O'Fallon ever decides to set up cameras to catch speeders, Alice had better hide that red pen of hers.

  8. Congratulations to Alice, Donna. I keep thinking Chicken Soup will run out of subjects one of these days but they just keep coming up with more! Great!

  9. Ok guys, I may get carried away with the red pen (maybe I secretly wanted to be a teacher) but I do enjoy editing. Too bad no one can read my scribbling. And Becky, the first time I met you, you told me I looked like Mariska Hargitay. I had to look her up on line and that's when I knew, that Becky is one smart woman. Ha!
    Thanks to all for the congrats.

  10. Congrats to Alice! Her success is very well deserved!



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