Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice, Ice, Baby -- and January's Progress Report

As ice and sleet continue to pelt our roof, window screens, and deck, I wonder how long until the snow and blizzard-like conditions hit--the second blow of the one-two punch. I pray our power doesn't go out. According to the weather reports, we are in the midst of a monster storm "of historic proportion."

At the supper table last night I told my grandkiddos, "This could be a storm you can tell your grandchildren about when you're my age."

They looked at me like I'd just asked them to eat a green vegetable. No doubt they can't imagine themselves one day being as old as their grandmother. They're more concerned about having a snow day.

Speaking of snow days, today is a good day to stay inside and catch up on writing. I have a deadline tomorrow for a book review, so I'm going to finish that.

Yesterday I updated my 2011 writing submissions/activities/expenses/income spreadsheet for January.

Each year I create an Excel spreadsheet to track my writing progress--and to use when tax time rolls around. Keeping track of my income and expenses makes my husband happy, and it makes me feel good to see what I've accomplished each month.

Here are a few entries for January:

Book reviews: 3
Author Inerviews: 2

Contest entries: 2
Magazine subscriptions: 2
Membership Dues: 1

Other Activities:
Write 1/Sub 1 short stories written/submitted: 1 (3,000 word story)

Blog Posts: 17

How about you? What tool do you use to track your writing progress?


  1. I turn the writing record keeping for my progress over to an inch worm. He struggles but does manage to keep up! Ha-ha.

    14 inches of snow here so far, still snowing, and 20 forecast by nightfall. But it is pretty at the moemnt...dread those icy temps coming though!

  2. Hi Claudia,
    Wow! You're ahead of us in snowfall, but it's snowing as I type.
    Bundle up, it's going to be a nasty storm.
    Stay warm,

  3. Good work, Donna! And congrats on winning a January Juggernaut over at Write 1 Sub 1. :)

  4. Hi Donna - No sleet or snow here, just rain and fog. Thank goodness.

    I have a spreadsheet where I log all submissions, and a dry erase 2-month calendar for keeping track of deadlines. It helps, but I need to make more time to actually write!

  5. Hi Lisa,
    Your two-month calendar sounds like a great idea.

  6. EEK on all the snow. We had a light dusting but are sitting in the basement of temperatures. It won't last long in my neck of the woods but three days of cloudy cold can seem like a long time.

  7. I keep a log in a notebook, and also keep things in Word. I really need a better system! Once I get past some deadlines I need to give it more thought.

    Hope all goes well with you and this storm. Stay warm,

  8. I keep a spreadsheet for agent queries, but nust notes in my calendar on shorts because I don't write many of those these days. Snuggle up and stay warm.

  9. Hi Sally,
    Lucky you. I miss the Southwestern winters.

    Hi Karen,
    Thanks for your suggestion.

    Hi Carol,
    Thanks. I plan to stay indoors.


  10. Hi Madeline,
    Back at you. I saw your name also as a winner of the January Juggernaut over on Write 1/Sub 1.

  11. Lord, that sounds to organized to me. I just keep a word count since money is not yet an issue :) I'm praying you are not without power and this storms spares you a bit, it is a monster!
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  12. Hi Donna ~~ You're doing a great job of being organized, submitting, AND making some $$! Congrats! I keep attempting to be organized...but somehow it's not working! :)

  13. All my Missouri friends are watching the snowstorm with emotions ranging from childlike wonder to downright fear. A friend in St. Louis says he's feeling left out because the storm is apparently passing that city by!
    I have an Oxford University daily planner (helpful for knowing what days the Bodleian Library is closed) and files for my taxes. Don't let this fool you into thinking I'm organized, though, because I'm not! I make my deadlines, but that's the extent of my organization.
    I'd love for you to do a guest post on how to earn income writing book reviews and doing author interviews. I'm sure my readership over at Midlist Writer would be interested, and I need some guest posts for the next two months while I'm in Ethiopia. Drop me a line!

  14. Sadly, I don't have much of a system. I am trying to get more organized, though. Congratulations on all the places you have been published. If you get the chance, come over and check out my Writing Wednesday post and help me get it right :). You site looks interesting and I am going to look around a little more.

  15. Hi Jules,
    Trust me. I'm not organized, but am trying to be.

    Thanks. I bet you're more organized than you think.

    Hi Sean,
    Thanks for the invite. I'll pop on over.

    Hi Janet,
    Thanks for visiting. I will check out your site.


  16. Organize? I guess I need to buy a dictionary. (Just kidding!)

  17. Hey Betty,
    You're too funny. ;-)


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