Monday, July 19, 2010

High Hill Press Website and Contest

I'm happy to announce my dear friend Louella (Lou) and her wonderful husband Bryan (Squeak) Turner have recently launched their High Hill Press website. They have been operating their publishing company for more than a year, but they've been so busy publishing books (almost 40 for more than 30 authors), Lou has just now got their website up and running.

Lou is not only a publisher and an editor, she is an award-winning writer who has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. (I tried to work a semicolon into that sentence, but I decided not to because everyone who knows Lou knows about her aversion to semicolons.)

Full disclosure: Lou and I have been friends for ages. We met at a critique group called Liars Ink more than 15 years ago and have belonged to about and/or started three other critique groups since then. Our latest group meets each Tuesday at the Rendezvous Cafe in O'Fallon, MO. We also are co-founders of Saturday Writers and have co-edited several issues of Cuivre River Anthology.

Over the years, Lou and I have driven to writing conferences before sunrise; we've sat in cold, hard chairs while listening to inspiring, educational (and a few not so much) speakers; and we've driven to our homes in the dark laughing so hard we had to pull of the road to find a bathroom. We've enjoyed lots of good times but also have been there for each other during the rough patches. That's why I am so thrilled all of her years of hard work, dedication, and generosity have finally paid off with High Hill Press.

To celebrate the launching of the High Hill Press website, Lou is sponsoring a "Write Us a Story Contest" using photos on the home page for inspiration. Deadline is Aug 15, and the full details are listed on the bottom of the Home page right beneath the graphic of the gunslinging cowboy. (Lou loves cowboys.)

While you're there, check out Lou's award-winning essay "My Unlikely Friend" about Jo, an unforgettable woman from Liars Ink who recently passed away in California.

Final Note: You'll be reading more about High Hill Press on Donna's Book Pub over the next few months. I will be reviewing books published by some of Lou's authors, including "Writing Fiction with Pat Carr" and "Writing the West with Dusty Richards."

So Congratulations, Lou and Squeak! Here's to many years of High Hill Press celebrating writers and their words!


  1. Really enjoyed this post, Donna! After a lead from Becky, I checked the website earlier and have been trying to think of something to write for HHP ever since. I would really like to send them a story.

    I enjoyed reading about HHP but also lapped up hearing your experiences with Lou. It was fun to read and nice help to become acquainted with Lou herself through your eyes.

    Now if I could just conjer up something from those pics!

  2. Hi Claudia,
    Yep. Becky is one of Lou's newest finds. Her memoir should be great!
    Please do send Lou a story for HHP. Lou has a great sense of humor and loves good writing.
    Good luck!

  3. Congrats to your friends - I'll check out the site!

    And, who doesn't love cowboys?? :)

  4. It is wonderful to have writer friends who understand the desire/need to write. You are fortunate to have such a pal! And I don't blame her for her cowboy love...I'm reminded of a song on Trisha Yearwood's recent CD: Cowboys Are My Weakness. :)

  5. Hi Jemi,
    Thanks. Hmm. Cowboys seem to be a common attraction for writers.

  6. Hi Lisa,
    You are so right. No one understands writers like other writers.
    And cowboys, that's a whole other subject.


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