Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Burning the Midnight Oil Poetry Contest

Today in St. Peters, MO: A 90% chance of thunderstorms, high 69 degrees. It's already storming outside.

A stormy day like today is a good time to stay inside and clean house--no wait--that's no fun. How about walking on the treadmill? Nah. Writing a poem? Much better! Just in time for Halloween here's a contest with a spooky title: Burning the Midnight Oil Poetry Contest. Amy Harke-Moore at The Write Helper has been sponsoring this contest for a few years now.

Amy is an award-winning poet and writer as well as an editor. She is also a long-time writing friend and one of the five founders of the Saturday Writers chapter of the Missouri Writers' Guild. Entry fee if $5; visit The Write Helper website for complete details.

The Burning the Midnight Oil Poetry Contest deadline is appropriately on Halloween, October 31. Moo Haa Haa Haa.


  1. Aw, shucks, Donna. . . Thanks for the neat write-up! I'm honored to be featured in your blog today. From one "burning the midnight oil" writer to another--it's sure a great time of the day to write, isn't it?

  2. Hi Amy,
    You are more than welcome!
    It's not quite midnight, and I'm using electricity rather than oil, but late night is a good time to write--right?


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