Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Call for Submissions - Unsent Letters

(Cover from Unsent Letters website)

Ever wish you could write a letter to someone, but didn't? Well, here's your chance, and you could get paid for it!
For complete guidelines, you must visit the Unsent Letters website Writer's Guidelines for Unsent Letters
Here are a few of the basics, for complete guidelines visit their website:

"Unsent Letters is both a print anthology collection of our best Unsent Letters and a weblog (blog) of Unsent Letters sent in by our favorite readers.

* All submissions must be from persons age 18 or older, no exceptions.
* Letters can be between 250 - 5,000 words. No exceptions on word length.
* For blog posting, $10-25 per letter, payable within 30 days of publication.
* For published collection (paperback anthology) $50-250 per letter, depending on length, appeal, current budget, category needs, editor's needs, and how much formatting and editing will be required to make the Unsent Letter publishable.
* All Unsent Letters writers chosen for the collection will receive payment within 30 days from letter of acceptance. Unsent Letters authors will also receive two free copies of the collection in which their letter appears.
* It is possible some letters will be accepted for both the blog and the print anthology, and the writer will be compensated separately for each.
* First publication print and electronic rights. Rights will revert to author 12 months after publication, and author may reprint their letter in any form.
* While Twin Trinity will hold the copyright on the compilation, author will retain copyright of their individual letter/s. No other rights are transferred.
*We do respond to all submissions received. Unfortunately, we cannot accept all letters for publication or promotion on the blog. If your letter is not accepted, we do encourage you to rewrite or write another one and submit.
* We do not accept multiple submissions.
* Please wait until you hear from us on your first submission before you submit another.
* It might take between 2-8 weeks to issue a response or purchase your letter. Please be patient during this waiting period.

***Please read our submissions page for specifics on submitting***
Sounds fascinating to me! I'm going to get out my favorite pen and read the entire guidelines before submitting.


  1. This is the coolest market I've seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing it. I think I might just try it out in my spare time. HA! :) But really, I think I will try it out. If it doesn't get published at least it will get me to write a letter and be a good writing exercise.


  2. Hi Margo,
    You should try it out. My question is: What spare time? You're one of the busiest writers I know. Which reminds me; I read your interview of Debbie Macomber today. You did a fantastic job--and a wonderful woman Debbie is.


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