Saturday, June 14, 2014

Sci-fi Anthology Submission Opportunity from Walrus Publishing: Building Red - The Colonization of Mars

Walrus Publishing is seeking submissions for a sci-fi anthology with the title of: Building Red: The Colonization of Mars.

Photo courtesy of NASA
The Building Red Anthology editor, Janet Cannon, wants: 

  • "Themes along the lines of genetic engineering, terraforming, and resources" (Click here for details)
  • Thoroughly researched submissions
  • Unpublished, well-written, and well-edited stories 
  • Word limit: 1,000-6,000
  • No gratuitous violence or erotica
Deadline for submissions: November 1, 2014

Writers whose stories are accepted for inclusion in the anthology will receive:

  • One-time payment of $25 
  • Five free contributor copies
  • 50% off copies that contributors purchase
  • Expected publication date is Spring 2015
Please read complete guidelines, which specify document type, margins, font, etc.

Questions? e-mail

Good luck if you submit. 


  1. Loved reading about this op, but this one is way out of my league I fear! Thanks for keeping us informed, Donna.

    1. Hi Claudia,
      You are welcome. This one is beyond my reach, too.

  2. I checked the link and didn't see an age limit. I might pass this on to my 16-year-old son. That's what he writes.

    1. Hi Val,
      Hope your son submits. It sounds like a great opportunity, and the publisher is very generous with the amount paid, contributor copies, and discount on copies!

  3. Donna--I like to read sci-fi (did it a lot more when I was younger) but I cannot write it. I wish I could...Thanks for passing along the opportunity. I'm sure someone will see it and a big lightbulb will go off in their head.

    1. Hi Sioux,
      Guess I'm one of those without a scientific brain. I admire writers who can create their own worlds and hope they will submit to the anthology. It sounds like an amazing project.

  4. Sounds like a cool book, and I love the photo. And your new background. Thanks!

  5. Not my genre, but I'm sure they'll get some very imaginative entries!

    Critter Alley

  6. Thanks, I will check that out! And new follower.

    1. Thanks for becoming a follower. I enjoy reading your blog!

  7. Sounds like a great opportunity. Good luck, everyone!

  8. My sci-fi writing skills are iffy, although I love reading it (and I was a Star Trek fan way back before it was cool). This looks like fun. I'll definitely bookmark it. Thanks!


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