Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Missouri Writers' Guild Winners Announced

Last Saturday at the MWG conference awards banquet, the names of the winners of the MWG annual contests were announced.

I wasn't able to attend the conference, but several thoughtful and kind-hearted writing friends notified me via social media that my name had been called Saturday night.

Now that the official results have been posted on the MWG website I can announce my winnings:

1st Place "The Magic of Writing" - Blog Post, sponsored by Whispering Prairie Press 

2nd Place "Wisdom in Ruby Red" - Second Chance Essay, sponsored by the Writer's Society of Jefferson County

3rd Place "Sweet Memories" - Inspirational Essay, sponsored by Saturday Writers
I'm always pleased and excited to have my work recognized, and I'm thrilled that so many of my writing friends were among the winners whose works were also given awards.
Here's a partial list of the winners:
Coffee and Critique group members and blogger buddies who took home prizes are: Janet Bettag, Margo Dill, Sylvia Forbes, Marcia Gaye, Jennifer Hashieder, Claudia Mundell, Alice Muschany, Sheree Nielsen, Linda O'Connell, Sarah Patsaros, Doyle Suit, and Jack Zerr.
Also winning first place was the Saturday Writers Cuivre River Anthology, which took home the top prize in the Best Anthology category, sponsored by Blank Slate Press.
To view the complete list of winners and to see a photo of MWG President Steve Wiegenstein with the winners who were on hand to accept their awards, click on the links above.

Congratulations to all the winners, and a special thanks to the chapters and groups who sponsored contests.



  1. BIG congrats, Donna! And big congrats for having such an active group of writers (and ALL those prizes)! :-)

  2. Congratulations Donna and thanks for posting!

  3. Congratulations Donna! Well-deserved honors!

  4. Congratulations, Donna. Three (goals) wins...Isn't that a hat trick?

  5. Well done, Donna! We missed having you there. It's always fun to receive an award. I accepted for Saturday Writers winning Best Anthology for Cuivre River, and practically skipped to the podium. It was sush a terrific surprise!

  6. The MWG website is down so thanks for this update, and congratulations!

  7. Congratulations, Donna! You are always an inspiration! Bravo for your 1,2,3 wins!

  8. Congratulations to you, Donna, and to all your writing buddies! Well done! :)

  9. Three wins....good for you!

  10. Hi Cathy,
    Thanks! Everything is more fun with friends!

    Hi Sheree,
    You are welcome.

    Hi Karen,
    Thanks, and good luck this weekend. Hope the weather cooperates.

    Hi Val,

    Hi Sioux,
    Thanks. That's a nice way to put it. Go Blues!

    Hi Marcia,
    Back at ya. Wish I was there to see you accept the award. You can see the joy in your face in the photo on the MWG site.

    Hi Sean,
    Dang it. Technology, ain't it grand?

    Hi Clara,
    Thanks. You are so kind!

    Hi Madeline,
    Thanks. It's always more fun when friends are involved.

    Hi Bookie,
    Thanks, and congrats to you!

  11. Congrats Donna - well deserved!

  12. Congratulations on your wins, Donna!

  13. Congratulations, Donna. I knew you would be a winner!

  14. Great job, Donna. Congratulations on all of your wins!

  15. Hi Mary,

    Hi Janet,
    Thanks. You are so sweet.

    Hi Tammy,
    Thanks for your kind words.


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