Saturday, March 2, 2013

Whee, It's Free: Fifty Shades of Santa Kindle E-Book is Free Until March 5

Why wait until Christmas? 
From now until March 5, you can download for free Fifty Shades of Santa, a collection of "nice not naughty" humorous romantic stories from twelve award-winning writers. 
The collection includes my short story, "Time To Get Your Jingle On."
Pat Smith, publisher of Welkin Press, describes the anthology as "romance for the rest of us--the rest of us being readers whose idea of love doesn't include implements of pain.The stories range from laugh-out-loud-funny to warmly humorous to poignant, but all will leave you feeling uplifted."

I don't have a Kindle, but I was able to download the book on my iPhone, using a free Kindle app.
There's that word free again.
PLEASE NOTE: This book is NOT explicit.
And did I mention, it's free --until March 5.
Happy reading!


  1. Every bargain hunter wants free!

    Critter Alley

  2. Donna--I agree with Pat. "Free" is a marvelous price. Now I get to read your story and Pat's and Marcia's. (We already heard Lynn's at her reading.)

  3. I've heard so much about this book that I can't wait to read it! Thanks for sharing the info.

  4. Hi Pat,
    How true!

    Hi Sioux,
    Yay! Hope you enjoy it. Lynn's reading was so much fun!

    Hi Mary,
    You are welcome. Hope you enjoy the book.


  5. Donna---I just finished "Time to Get Your Jingle On" and enjoyed it. All the hockey talk that Megan spouted sounded believable, so either you are a real hockey fan or you're good at faking it.

    (I don't even like romance stories, but I enjoyed yours.)

  6. Downloaded it and then forgot to read it, so glad I dropped by. :-)

    (And P.S. Good luck with the MWG contest! Bet I'll know a lot of winners!)

  7. Hi Sioux,
    Thank you. It was fun to write. I like watching hockey, even the fights as long as they're not too violent.

    Hi Cathy,
    Thank you and thank you again! Hope you enjoy all the stories in the anthology.


  8. Got my copy, thanks for letting us know!

    1. Hi Sally,
      Glad you were able to get a copy. Hope you enjoy!

  9. Donna - I enjoyed your story, I always do! I bought the e-book awhile back but it took me a bit to get to it. Hope to see you soon!


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