Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Days -- Risky Business?

Yesterday afternoon was sunny and pleasant. I parked at my usual carpool spot alongside of Tracy, the mom of one of my grandson Michael's best friends from All Saints School. We thumbed down our windows for our afternoon chat.

"Nice day today," I said. "But we might get snow tonight."

"Yep," Tracy said. "Are you a risk taker?"

"Sometimes," I said while thinking, not much.

"I'm betting on a snow day tomorrow. Think Michael would want to spend the night and go sledding with Caleb?"

"Sounds good to me."

Although the skies were clear, Tracy and I made plans to have Michael pack a bag and bring his overnight clothes to the boys' basketball practice later that evening. After Michael got in the van I told him what was going on. He was excited and told me his science teacher said a big snow storm was headed our way.

"I know we won't have school tomorrow," he said.

"We'll see," I said.

As soon as we got home, Michael began packing his stuff.

"Can I bring my sled?" he asked.


"How about my X-Box?"

"No, just your play clothes and sled. And don't forget your school clothes and bookbag, just in case school isn't cancelled."

I'm a bit of a risk taker, but I still like to be prepared.

There was a nip in the air, but no snowflakes yet when my husband Walt and Michael left for basketball practice a little after seven.

"Did you pack your school clothes?" I asked on his way out the door.

"Yes," he said.

"What about your sled?"

"It's already in the truck."

I kissed him goodbye and told him to have fun.

Half an hour later, by the time my granddaughter Cari and I left for her high school volleyball practice, flakes were flying and filling the streets.

The drive home almost two hours later was dicey. Roads were slick and snow-packed, but we made it back safely.

When we walked in the door, Walt said, "Cari's high school just called. Snow day tomorrow."

"Yes!" Cari chanted as danced down the hall to her room.

"Did All Saints call? Michael will be upset if Cari's off school but he isn't."

"Not yet," Walt said.

Walt was already in bed, Cari was in her room, and I was watching the late-night news when the call came from All Saints announcing school would be closed on Thursday.

Michael was right, and I knew he would be happy to spend a snow day sledding with Caleb.

I had to admit it was fun and a bit exciting taking the risk on a snow day in the middle of the week, but the worrier in me was still glad Michael had his school clothes and bookbag in case school hadn't been cancelled.

As I turned off the television and headed towards the bedroom, I noticed Michael's bookbag sitting near the front door.


  1. Ha!
    Donna, you aren't so much a worrier as you are prepared. Sounds like a fun day for kids, but not so much the oldsters.

  2. You know, in theory, living life on the edge sounds like fun. Us moms can be so practical though...glad you took a risk!

  3. Looks like Michael had more faith in the snow than you - kids tend to believe much easier! I hope he had tons of fun.

  4. I am sure Michael is having a fun day today. We definitely got dumped on.

    (I found my copy of "Too Late the Phalarope." Would you like to borrow it? If so, I'll bring it to our meeting---assuming you will be attending.)

  5. Hi Linda,
    Ah. The faith of the young.

    Hi Karen,
    Thanks. I'm glad it turned out the way it did.

    Hi Sheila,
    Thanks. I'm sure he is. I just hope he knows when to come inside.

    Hi Sioux,
    I take it you're off school today too. I'll be at the meeting, but late. Michael has a basketball game that morning, so I'm coming after noon.


  6. Hope there is pleasure for you in this snow...a few more days in January and then we can cancel the snow and get on to spring, don't you think? :)

  7. Your school called? My kids' school system usually waits until the last minute to call it a snow day.

  8. Hi Claudia,
    I'm with you!

    Hi Walt,
    The automated calling system started this year. It's much easier than hoping to catch the school name on the news.


  9. Believe and ye shall receive...Be prepared! The dichotomy that rules my life.


  10. At least you didn't see the bookbag until AFTER you heard school was cancelled. Hope is was good fun for everyone.

  11. Great post, Donna! And the ending was hilarious!! I wonder if Michael just forgot it, like most boys his age would?? Hope you enjoyed your day!

  12. Very cute and well told. Something similar happened with my daughter. Then the snow ended up being so deep that I worried about how she'd get home!


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